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  • ​Clear Your Mental Blocks, Stress & Fear Holding You Back From Peak Performance
  • Master Your Emotions and Become Fearless.
  • Build Your Self Confidence & Eliminate Self Doubt.
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  • Align Your Goals With Your Inner Mind.
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"Our 10 year old son plays club baseball and competes at a high level. My wife and I contacted Cheryl because we felt he was experiencing distractions that were keeping him from reaching his full potential at times. After just a few sessions of working with him, the transformation was amazing to say the least. She really helped him to have a renewed amount of fun for the game, which in turn has allowed him to play with much more poise and composure. Even more impressive, the tools she was able to equip him with not only helped him on the field but also carried over into his school work and ability to handle the stresses of homework and weekly tests. My wife and I would highly recommend contacting Cheryl to help give your son or daughter a competitive edge and mental focus not just in sports but in life." - Baseball Dad.

​"My son is a high school junior who plays varsity ultimate frisbee and football. He has an excellent work ethic when it comes to sports and always gives 100% effort on the field. His Dad and I have noticed, however, that he gets quite nervous before a game and can let negative thoughts affect his confidence level and performance. Cheryl has been so great in working with him and has given him concrete strategies to build his confidence both on and off the field. It has really changed the way he approaches sports and has helped him to see that confidence is a skill that can be strengthened with the right tools. I’ve noticed that he is so energized and has such positive energy each time he meets with Cheryl. I think any athlete could benefit from Cheryl’s game changing approach to building self confidence and achieving peak performance!” - Frisbee & Football Mom

​We began working with Cheryl at a time when my daughter was having trouble matching her competitive mental ability with her physical ability. After working with Cheryl to reduce the mental interference she was having she has been able to get through some tough mental challenges during her competitions and her daily practices. My daughter is very happy with the progress she has made and is starting to see that her mental preparedness is as important as her physical preparedness. Cheryl is very engaged and genuinely excited at her progress. Cheryl has been a vital resource and we look forward to our continuing relationship. -- Gymnastic mom

My name is Nolan and I'm a competitive golfer. After spending a few years training and developing my skills, I got myself down to a 3 handicap and was ready ready to compete at a high level in the local tournaments. But I started running in to some mental blocks that were causing me a lot of tension, stress, negative thoughts, and overall poor play. So I reached out for help and did 4 sessions with Cheryl Rode, which was a great decision! She's very caring and easy to work with, and we very quickly started to not only get to the root of what was causing my problems, but she also was very helpful in putting together a plan and solution to move forward. I started to see results immediately and I am really excited to continue working on what I learned to move my game forward.  - Competitive Golfer

Since working with Cheryl Rode, I have seen improvement on and off the court like never before. I love working with her because she is very knowledgeable, understanding, and wants to see me succeed. In our sessions she has given me many tools I can use to help my game right away. I have seen extreme growth in my confidence, skill level, and in my ability to play under pressure. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her, and to keep improving. I would highly recommend her training to anyone that wants to grow and succeed in their sport or in life.  -  Basketball Player

My son plays basketball on a Freshman High School Team and Elite Travel Ball Team. I’m happy that I reached out to Cheryl to work with him. On occasion, he was allowing his emotions to get in the way of is performance on and off the court. Not long after working with Cheryl, my son was playing a basketball game that my schedule as a working parent did not allow for me to attend. I had a parent that was watching the game send me a text message asking me what did I do with my son. This was a complete compliment as my son was handling his emotions and body language on the court as a result of the mind shift that took place from training with Cheryl. This carried over to his behavior at school as well. I would highly recommend her mental toughness training. - Parent of Basketball Player

I had the opportunity to complete the Energy Leadership Assessment with Cheryl. It was so helpful! No matter what roles in life we walk-in, we each have the opportunity to influence others in a positive or negative way. This assessment gave me tools on how to leverage my natural strengths. Cheryl also gave me tools on how to take my naturally negative responses to stressors and turn them around to create a positive outcome. This assessment is a game changer! -Stephanie Dalton, Executive Pastor, Bethel Harvest Church

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How to get over nervousness right before competition!

I have many techniques for getting over nervousness and today I will share one technique that you have probably never heard before today. This technique is called “It’s an AND world.” This is a very effective technique to use when it’s time to perform and you are feeling pressure, tense, anxious and nervous. This tactic is about embracing the nervousness AND st [...]

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Mental Toughness in Basketball.

As a basketball player, your physical skills are very important but will only take you so far.  Your mental skills are 90% of your success So why do so many athletes not spend any time on the mental part of their game?  Simple, they don’t know to focus on the mental game. So what’s the solution?  Focus on both. The mental toughness will give you that competitive [...]

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Not Performing in Competition Like You Do In Practice?

Most of the time the reason is FEAR. One strategy to master your fear during competition so you perform like you do in practice. FEAR in sports can not exist in the present moment.  Fear exists when thinking about past mistakes and worrying about possible future failures. One method to Master FEAR is by allowing yourself to be in the present moment.  The key is to br [...]

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Powerful Tip On How To Build Your Self Confidence

Self Confidence is built on “I Can” and is achieved just like building any other skill.  It takes practice and repetition. Our thoughts release chemicals into our body, determine our emotions/feelings, which determine our action/performance. To reach your peak performance, you must teach yourself to release the confident chemicals. It is very important to your [...]

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