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Certified Mental Toughness Trainer & Certified Professional Coach

I’m here to help you experience a profound breakthrough using our unique process, The R.A.C.E. Formula system.  It has been proven effective with thousands of athletes worldwide to get breakthroughs in performance they had previously only dreamed of. It has been tested, tweaked, and refined over the last 12 years to be the most effective program for youth sports on the planet.

As a former athlete and a mom of a current athlete, I completely understand the importance of the statement “WINNERS WIN IN ADVANCE”.  I’m so blessed to have found my passion in life, helping athletes reach their potential in their sport and everyday life.  From as far back as I can remember, I’ve loved helping people.  I’m proud to say that I’ve helped many people over the years and I look forward to helping many more!

I’m a successful business owner of 18 years and proud mother of a 19 year old son. The knowledge that I’ve gained over the years and personal growth that I’ve consciously focused on has brought me to a great place in my life.

My passion for helping people, curiosity, strong intuition, active listening, life experiences, Mental Toughness Training and Certified Life Coach Training are just a few of the reasons I’m a successful at helping athletes reach peak performance.

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