June 27, 2016

Not Performing in Competition Like You Do In Practice?

Most of the time the reason is FEAR.

One strategy to master your fear during competition so you perform like you do in practice.

FEAR in sports can not exist in the present moment.  Fear exists when thinking about past mistakes and worrying about possible future failures.

One method to Master FEAR is by allowing yourself to be in the present moment.  The key is to bring all 5 senses into the moment.

For example, when a basketball player starts to feel fear during performance, they could be in the present moment by focusing on: hearing the sound of the ball bounce, feeling the ball on their fingers, seeing their teammates on the court, etc.

This is a very powerful tool that any athlete or non athlete can use.

As with developing any mental skill, you need to practice, practice and practice.  Developing a mental skill is no different than developing a physical skill.  You can expect the change as you put forth the effort and practice the desired skill.

Contact me today to learn many more strategies for mastering your fear during performance!

You Got This!

Cheryl Rode
Mental Toughness Trainer


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