June 26, 2016

Powerful Tip On How To Build Your Self Confidence

Self Confidence is built on “I Can” and is achieved just like building any other skill.  It takes practice and repetition.

Our thoughts release chemicals into our body, determine our emotions/feelings, which determine our action/performance.

Strong man child showing bicep muscles

To reach your peak performance, you must teach yourself to release the confident chemicals.

It is very important to your performance to release the chemicals that build your cells instead of the ones that break them down

This is achieved by mechanically teaching yourself to think about what is good in ourselves.

One powerful strategy for building self confidence is done by makings 3 specific lists.  The 3 lists serve as a physical tool that you can go to in order to instantly change your chemical make up in your body to feel confident.

When things don’t go well, we release chemicals that make us feel not so good.  If you feel bad, counter the feel bad chemicals with the release of good chemicals by looking at or remembering these lists.

The key to the lists is including details and specifics.

I’m here to help you compile your 3 lists.

There are many other strategies that I can teach you as well.

You Got This!

Cheryl Rode

Mental Toughness Trainer



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