Mental Toughness Training

3 Packages to Pick From...You Choose!

4 Session R.A.C.E. Formula Mental Toughness Package

12 Session Total Mental Toughness Package

Single Session

I work with clients one-on-one, in pairs and in groups.  Also offer workshops tailored to your specific needs. 

Sessions can be done over the phone, in person, or via Skype or Zoom.


This is our signature program that has worked worldwide for 12 years with thousands of athletes & performers to clear mental blocks​, fear/anxiety, procrastination, low self esteem, lack of aggressiveness, perfectionism, stressed out, negativity, and any other interference to you achieving the goals you want and deserve.

In the 4 sessions, you (or your child) will discover total empowerment through a thorough understanding of how you operate. Just like driving a car, you learn how to drive your own mind which gives you the total control to generate the peak performance state. You will use that mental/emotional control to come out of these 4 sessions having cleared the interference patterns causing the blocks and equipped with a set of tools to keep yourself clear and continue to build on the foundation of confidence techniques we use in the sessions. The formula and guiding principle we operate under is: Performance = Potential - Interference. 


  • Session 1: Personal detailed history to identify your specifics in order to tailor the process to your issues and your goals. Learn the basics of the R. Relentless and A. Awareness of the formula. Formulate your mental training plan for these sessions. Begin working the plan with at least one tool, antidote, intervention for change work. Bring home a guided visualization recording for reinforcement.
  • Session 2: This session is all about becoming fearless and mastering your E. emotions. Difficult emotions are a natural part of sport and life that very few people know how to deal with and therefore, they fear them. This is a core life skill that transfers from performance to all areas of your life: relationships, career, academics. We finish this session with our powerful confidence-building methods.
  • Session 3: This session centers around our 1 minute visualization or mental practice protocol which includes a super efficient goal setting process. Once the long term goal is embedded in the inner mind, the body takes over and makes it happen. This is wayyyy beyond your typical "visualize yourself performing well" basics. You will also learn a powerful process to clear your past mistakes, chokes, errors, regrets and to use as a tool in competition itself. This and contributes to being fearless and R. Relentless and C. Clears the destructive beliefs and programs at the level of the inner mind.
  • Session 4: Your final clearing occurs through our internal conflict resolution. When one part of a performer believes they can accomplish a goal and another part sabotages or holds back on that effort, you need to synchronize to your desired outcome. We wrap up this session with a tactic to recall the peak performance state before or during will.


  • This package includes everything in the 4-Session R.A.C.E. Formula Package mentioned above.
  • Plus, an additional 9 sessions to fully master and fine tune has taken us over a decade, thousands of athletes, $100,000 of investment, testing, tracking, tweaking, trial and error to build this athletic performance system.
  • We go far deeper into the R.A.C.E. Formula giving you the mental edge in your performance on focusing on many areas of life outside of your sport.


  • You may choose to come in for 1 session to get a quick boost before an important competition or to just try it out.
  • Some of our past clients love to come in for tune-ups months after our initial training. Others just can't get enough after their package training above and just want more.


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